We provide a wide range of services with regards to windows.  These include: Double Glazed Unit replacements, locks, hinges, handles, door adjustments/servicing, velux window repairs, security upgrades for windows & doors, barrel locks replaced – anti bump & anti drill, trickle vents fitted, child restrictors fitted, polycarbonate roofs replaced, leaded double glazed units made to any design   

Double glazing repairs

If your sealed double glazed units are suffering with condensation, you will be losing heat to the outdoors and subsequently experiencing a cooler environment inside your home.  By simply replacing the double glazed unit you will instantly improve heat retention.


Do you need a new conservatory roof?  If you have an older conservatory and want to replace your conservatory roof, our extensive range gives you the ability to upgrade and improve.  your tired polycarbonate system and can be upgraded to glass, high-performance glazing or one of our solid conservatory roofs.

Conservatory repairs

Our conservatory repairs cover: making good and repairing leaking roofs.  Repairing damaged or leaky guttering.  Repairing draughty windows and doors.  Replacing misted or cloudy window units.  Repairing window and door frames.  Repairing stiff hinges and locks.  Resealing window units.  Replacing damaged or faulty handles.  Re-painting and staining timber.  Wooden windows repair refunded.  Wooden windows repairs & refurbishment.